Fun Spot America announces “Mine Blower” name for new wooden roller coaster

The workers over at the popular Fun Spot America theme park located at Kissimmee, Florida have been hard at work on their latest wooden roller coaster attraction with an eye towards opening the behemoth this summer. During the local broadcast of Super Bowl LI on Sunday, fans got a special treat with the official announcement that the new ride will be called Mine Blower and will feature not one, but two mine tunnels!

The new roller coaster also features a complete 360 degree barrel roll, which will make it the only wooden roller coaster in Florida to boast this. With a top speed of 48.5 mph and a top height of 82 feet and a total track length of 2,256 feet, “Mine Blower” will certainly live up to its name!

The $6 million project was first announced in December and will also feature a cartoon dog mascot named Nitro, according to the Orlando Sentinel. At that time, Fun Spot America posted this video showing off the (computer generated) track.

For more on the new coaster as well as general park info for both the Orlando and Kissimmee locations, make sure to visit their official site.

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