Create your own Spider-Man DIY costume, win a trip to the world premiere with this Goodwill contest

As we count down the days until “Spider-Man Homecoming” arrives in theaters on July 7, 2017, fans can create their own original Spidey costume for a chance to win a trip to the world premiere screening thanks to a new contest from Goodwill and Sony Pictures!

In “Captain America: Civil War”, we learn that Peter Parker has been fighting crime with a homemade DIY costume, much like he did in his comic book debut many decades ago, until Tony Stark befriended him and outfitted him a proper high-tech superhero suit. Just like Spider-Man, you’ll need to put your design skills to the test and visit your local Goodwill store to get all your supplies (and inspiration) from.

If yours gets chosen, not only will you be able to win a trip of a lifetime, your creation will be on display at an upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming promotional event.

Make sure to click on this link to get all the details and to enter the challenge. There’s also a handy tool to search for your local Goodwill store, where you support the community with your patronage.

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