Review: Harry Potter in Concert celebrates music, magic and fandom in spectacular fashion

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the Harry Potter Film Concert Series coming to Miami ever since it was first announced and we’re happy to report that the wait was well worth it!

The worldwide tour has been entertaining die-hard Harry Potter fans everywhere with a full orchestra faithfully recreating John Williams’ iconic score from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” while the complete movie is projected behind them in high definition.

Already the atmosphere was set with many fans dressed up in their favorite costumes and clothing with the colors of their chosen Hogwarts houses, Once the conductor encouraged the audience to be raucous and demonstrative and to not hold back during the performance, the floodgates were opened and everyone cheered, hooted and hollered during their favorite moments.

Having never seen a film accompanied by a live score, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a revelation to hear Williams’ score shine through both during the more quiet moments and the thrilling scenes such as the Quidditch match and the climactic finale. I was also struck by just how much music was actually in the movie, as the performers rarely took breaks throughout the course of the film (which helpfully was shown with English subtitles along with the dialogue and sound effects intact).

Both before the movie began and at intermission, the orchestra played additional music from the soundtrack and kept at it through the very end of the film credits. I was impressed enough with how much the orchestra ended up playing, but also how the conductor deftly kept everything coming along in a tight manner with precision for each musical cue. Indeed the performance was so on point that at times I simply forgot that the music was being played live as I got lost in J.K. Rowling’s legendary story and the movie’s charms.

All Harry Potter fans are strongly encouraged to pick up tickets for upcoming shows coming to a city near you. Performances are still ongoing for the first film, with dates already set for the second and third films in a steady rollout that will eventually encompass the entire eight-movie series.

Click here to visit the official site for tour dates and ticket info.

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